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Main Projects (architect in charge)

2016-2014 Development Plan, 20 ha housing area and sport facilities at Aspedalen and Aspevallen, Municipality of Lerum. In progress.
2016 International Open Competition. Cultural Center and Visitors Center in Suncheon, South Korea.
2012 Open Competition Town center Floda, Municipality of Lerum.
2011 65 urban villas in Skepparslöv, Kristianstad.
2011 Housing and Commercial building in Skomakaregatan, Lund (parallel assignment). In progress, building permits.
2011 Redevelopment of the Town Centre of Rauma, Norway. International Open Competition
2010 Aesthetic design program Aspedalen and Aspevallen, Municipality of Lerum.
2010 First prize International Open Competition. Europan 10_ 8 ha housing development in Aspedalen, Municipality of Lerum.
2008 Hudiksvall Swimming pool, spa and restaurant. Open Competition
2008 Second Prize (no first prize) International Open Competition Europan 9. Urban Plan för Stortorvet in Lillestrøm, Norway. Urban Park + Activity pavillions + Mixed use building.
2007 Hotel Calle Valencia, Madrid.
2007 Winner on parallel assignment. 80 rooms Hotel + 20 flats in Puertollano, Ciudad Real.
2007 Restaurant and nightclub in Falsterbo, Sweden. Open Competition.
2006 Second Prize International Open Competition Europan 8. Development and transformation of the harbour and the Railway area in Varberg, Commuter´s Centre, Housing and Commercial uses, Hotel and Conference Centre.
Selected Project at Europan´s 20 years anniversary “Generation Europan”, Paris 2007.
2005 Industrial building and offices in Humanes de Madrid
2005 Tsunami Memorial and Museum in Khao Lak National Park,Thailand. International Open Competition
2005 Redevelopment of the City Centre of Akureyri, Iceland. International Open Competition
2004 Studies for the restauration of a 18th Century Palace and transformation into office building for the Tax Authorities, Madrid.
2004 Pozuelo de Alarcón Centrum. Public space, Cultural Centre and housing , Madrid. Open Competition
2003 Chemical laboratory and offices Cones S.A., Madrid
2003 Second Prize International Open Competition . Europan 7_150 dwellings in Kristianstad.
Continuation Project on densification of the area.
2001 Art School and Dance Conservatory in A Coruña, Spain. Open Competition
1999 10 proposals for improving the Connection between La Alhambra and Granada, Spain. International Open Competition
1997 Second Prize International Open Competition . Europan 5_ 50 dwellings in Almería, Spain.

Other Main Projects (as consultant to other firms)

2011 Parallel Assignment + Second Stage proposal Gamlestadstorget Gothenburg (together with Fojab Arkitekter + MXSI Architects, Barcelona). City of Gothenburg.
2011 Vision Lund C. Parallel Assignment . With Fojab Arkitekter. Lunds Kommun.
2009 Redevelopment of Carlsgatan in Malmö. Parallel Assignment . With White Arkitekter Malmö/ Gehl Arkitekter Köpenhamn. Jernhusen - Malmö Stad
2009 Vasatorp, Helsingborg. Logistics Centre, Truckstop, Hotel, foodcourt, industrial and recreational area.With Kanozi Arkitekter. Skanska